The Adventures – The Book

Canada National Parks - The Book
Tuktut Nogait

Have you ever thought about travelling in the National Parks of Canada? What would you find in the Parks? What would you do in the parks? What adventures would you have?

Getting to Know Our Country

Parks Canada has divvied up the country into 39 geo-political regions representing the diversity of the land.  They are mandated to set up at least one park in each of those regions, to preserve, conserve, and showcase what makes the Canadian wilderness so great.  The national parks are therefore the ideal way in which to get to know the country – and that’s why I set out to see all the National Parks of Canada.

Exploring Our National Parks

To get the best sense of each park, I like to explore by whatever means is most appropriate to the individual park:

  • walk, hike, and backpack
  • cycle and mountain bike the trials
  • canoe, kayak, and raft the waterways and oceans
  • snowshoe and ski the winter-scapes
  • sunbathe on the fine sandy beaches and skinny dip in the cool oceans
  • contemplate life in friendly forests, touch ancient glaciers, and
  • admire the world from the mountaintops.

Of course, I’ve also fallen off of mountainsides, been covered in mud, lost my way in snowstorms, been threatened with hypothermia, been stalked by cougars, and I’ve left behind trails of my blood.

I’ve come across some of the most iconic Canadian animals in these parks:

  • black, grizzly, and polar bears, wolverines, mountain goats, big horned sheep, muskoxen, moose, elk, caribou, wolves, and foxes have crossed my path.
  • Eagles, hawks, loons, and song birds have called to me.
  • Whales, seals, otters, and beavers have swum up to visit me.

Sharing the Adventures – the Book

I bring my readers along on my adventures in the parks in my upcoming book

“Discovering my Country and Myself in the National Parks of Canada”
(or simply “Adventures in the National Parks of Canada”).

Whether you like to enjoy a scenic picnic not far from a cozy hotel, or fend off bears from a tent, you’ll discover with me what it’s like to be in the parks.  Perhaps you’ll be inspired to do your own explorations, perhaps you’ll reminisce about your past adventures, or perhaps you’ll be content to have vicariously experienced the Canada’s wilderness.  Whatever your interests, I hope you will enjoy sharing my travels in this new book, targeted to be available in 2019.

Please follow my blog or attend one of my slide shows for a sample of what it’s like in the National Parks of Canada.