The Adventures – The Book

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Have you ever thought about travelling in the National Parks of Canada? What would you find in the Parks? What would you do in the parks? What adventures would you have?

Do you enjoy a scenic picnic near cosy hotel, or fending off bears from a tent, or arm-chair travelling?

Find inspiration in my new book

About the Book

Park Bagger “is an inspiring collection of thrilling personal adventures and stunning photographs sharing the incredible diversity and profound beauty of Canada’s national parks.”

Distributed across the second-largest country in the world, the Canadian national parks can be challenging to get to. Many of them are so remote that they have no road access or infrastructure of any kind, but they are not impossible to visit. Although much of the vast Canadian wilderness is fraught with challenging terrain, unpredictable weather, and sometimes threatening wildlife, there are also pleasant beaches, waterfalls, and places to kick back and relax in.

Explorer Marlis Butcher has “bagged” all of the Canadian national parks. In her quest to visit and get to know the parks, Marlis canoed, kayaked, mountain biked, backpacked, hiked, snowshoed, snorkelled, and trekked by whatever means of travel she could devise. During her park explorations she’s encountered grizzly and black bears, polar bears, wolves, and wolverines. She’s survived incredible storms, falls off mountainsides, and sinking boats. Marlis has investigated uncharted lands and travelled down quaint country roads. In Park Bagger, she shares her adventures, with the objective to encourage others to explore the national parks and to protect Canada’s vast wilderness.

Please follow my blog or attend one of my slide shows for a sample of what it’s like in the National Parks of Canada.