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Discover with me what it’s like to visit some of Canada's most remote National Parks... plus other adventures.

2019 RCGS Fellow

Joined Can Geo College of Fellows

What an honour:  On November 20, 2019 I was elected a Fellow of the Royal Canadian Geographical Society, in recognition of my work in environmental conservation in Canada, including the sharing of the park park experience in my upcoming Park...

First Visitor to all 47 National Parks!


Ukkusiksalik National Park was my park #47 – and perhaps the most difficult to get to.
Situated in Nunavut Territory on the northwest corner of Hudson Bay, Ukkusiksalik, like 15 other...

Wolf, Grizzly, and Caribou Encounters

Vuntut National Park

in the northern Yukon Territories, was one of 3 national parks I visited this summer. Since there are no roads into Vuntut, my friends and I chartered a helicopter for the 1 ½ hour flight. From our base camp, we explored...

Exploring the Arctic: Parks, the Erebus, and Snorkelling

Even with modern technology, travelling through the Northwest Passage is challenging. Winds, fog, and ice will frustrate the most carefully made plans. Sir John Franklin lost his ships, crew, and life trying to find this elusive passage in the...

Aulavik National Park

Images of Aulavik NP 2017

Muskox! Lots and lots of muskox. And mosquitos too. These along with wolves, falcons, Sandhill Cranes, geese, Jaegers, and Lemmings are what I found in the surreal landscape of Aulavik National Park. For 12 days our little group of 8...

More Scorpions

Scorpions! They seem to be taking over my life at the moment. In February/March 2017 I was helping with the construction of the Sendero Pacifico hiking trail in Costa Rica. While staying in a bunk house in the hamlet of Veracruz, I accidentally...

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